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Quoting members' comments when replying

Postby Lynnedean » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:42 pm

One of our members has commented about not knowing how to quote another member’s post when replying to it. I hope the following is of help and doesn't confuse more than clarify (I like trying to help but sometimes what I write seems clear to me but is just gobbledygook to others. If anyone else can explain it more clearly, please do. :smile: )

It’s not always necessary to quote members’ posts in our replies to them; indeed, doing it every time can result in very long and unnecessarily cluttered threads. There are, however, times when it helps to pinpoint something we’re responding to, in which case ...

1. Click the “Quote” button at top right of the member’s post. A reply form will open for you and will include the whole of the member’s post.

2. Begin typing your response immediately below the quote – don’t leave a line space, as one will be left for you automatically.

3. To avoid unnecessary clutter, include only the comments that you are responding to – simply delete the lines that are not needed and if you wish to show that you’ve missed a bit out, indicate it by typing […] at that point.

4. You may also wish to delete any emoticons (smileys) that are within the text of the member’s post (the coding is easily recognisable within the text), and the person’s name if it’s showing at the end of the quote (it isn’t necessary to keep it in, as the name is displayed automatically at the top of the quote).

5. Do not delete the words in square brackets at the beginning and end of the quote, as these are the computer codes required to reproduce it.

6. If you're responding to more than one of the member's comments and wish to keep your responses clearly separate ...
- divide the member's post into the relevant number of sections and delete the lines that aren't required
- add the quotation codes in square brackets at the beginning and end of each section as they appear in the first
- within the square brackets at the beginning of the second, third, etc. section, put the word also after the member's name inside the quotation marks - e.g. quote="daisyshufflebottom also" - so as to introduce each additional section with: daisyshufflebottom also said.

7. It's advisable to use the "Preview" button below the reply form to review your post before submitting it. (As I commented one time on a previous board, I do wish we had a Preview button in life so that we had the opportunity to see the results of our words or actions before they were actually spoken or performed.)
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