Aurelio Zen novels of Michael Dibdin

Aurelio Zen novels of Michael Dibdin

Postby Lynnedean » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:07 am

With the demise of AudioGo, supplier of many Michael Kitchen audio books, it's not been easy to find Mr K's recordings of Michael Dibdin's Aurelio Zen novels on CD. This month, a number of them have been re-released and are available from the usual sources at what might be considered a reasonable price these days: Cosi Fan Tutti, A Long Finish, Blood Rain, Vendetta, Cabal and Ratking.

Do note that these CD versions are in MP3 format, so can be played on only appropriate audio equipment, i.e. they can't just be popped into old stereo units.

Those not familiar with the Aurelio Zen novels should also note that the last four listed above are among the darker and heavier of the tales (personally, I found the last three something of a chore to get through). The first two are much lighter, Cosi Fan Tutti being quite fun, with Mr K, usually not comfortable with accents, doing a rather delicious Italian/Cockney for one particular character. :D
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Re: Aurelio Zen novels of Michael Dibdin

Postby TicketyBoo » Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:30 am

I have listened to all MK's Aurelio Zen novels on Audible. "Cosi Fan Tutti" is absolutely my favorite! I've listened to it twice.
He really did a helluva job with the accents. And, yes, the Man's voice of the lady taxi driver was priceless.
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Re: Aurelio Zen novels of Michael Dibdin

Postby Wolesley » Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:32 pm

I really really wish MK would record the remaining Zen novels that he had not done earlier in his career. Must've been busy making films and television projects when the opportunity came.
I had bought all the Zen books that he recorded in cassette format, and now have bought them all on my Audible app on my iPhone.
The few he didn't do were recorded by a different reader who does not "perform" all the voices the way MK does. I don't enjoy the samples I've listened to and so haven't bought them.
For the sake of completion I do wish he would finish the series. His readings are superb, and he is very much in tune with the characters and plots that Michael Dibdin wrote.

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