Guidelines for Participating in our Forum

Guidelines for Participating in our Forum

Postby Wolesley » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:01 am

Here are a few guidelines for our Discussion Board / Forum community:

Technical point - when registering, your username cannot have spaces in it.

When you register and are approved you start in the "New Members" Group, which has some restrictions. After five posts you become a "Regular Member."

* Introduce yourself first in the Introduce Yourself forum before you post comments; we like to know who is talking to us!

* Post regularly, or at least occasionally:
If we don't hear from you for a year, you are no longer an active member and your account will be deleted.
If you join as a new member, post once, then only lurk, your account will be deleted in 2 months.
If you join as a new member, only lurk, and never post, your account will be deleted in 2 weeks.

* Privacy: On this Forum we discuss the professional, public careers of actors, writers and TV/film production people. Posting private information, or details on the private lives, of any actors, writers or production people is not allowed. Such comments will be deleted.

* Access to Fan Fiction: We like to get to know you first. Introduce yourself, post a bit (at least five meaningful comments or responses) and then ask for access by sending a Private Message to Wolesley.

* Submitting Fan Fiction: Use the format seen at the beginning/top of each posted story, listing title, author, Disclaimer (giving credit to original writer/creator of the characters, show, series or film), a summary or author's note, and a rating for content (ex. Gen., PG, 14+, R).

* Keep it friendly, and try to stay somewhat on topic.

Your Forum Admin,
Lesley aka Wolesley
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