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Postby starlight » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:42 am

I wonder if any forum members - the ones with encyclopaedic knowledge of Michael Kitchen's work (you know who you are :lol: ) would consider lending their skills to the improvement and extension of the Wiki article?

It's a bit pathetically short for such a tall talent.

(I'm actually happy to pick up the slog of editing it, or otherwise collaborate, if somebody feeds me the right information.)

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Re: Wikipedia

Postby Lynnedean » Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:56 pm

I certainly don't have encyclopaedic knowledge of Mr K's work, Starlight, but I've picked up a little info over the years. :D I think the Wikipedia page gives a fair rundown of Mr K's work in TV and film - anyone wanting a longer list can consult IMDb, which would surely have been an inquirer's first port of call, anyway; bit of overkill to list the lot on the Wikip page, too, I reckon.

In the TV/film section, I query the contributor's definition of "other noted appearances". Some odd titles given there, I think - A Royal Scandal and Mobile were not really "notable". What is notable is the fact that Mr K has had two roles written especially for him: Greg Brentwood in Alibi, and Stephen Vey in The Guilty (sources of info being the production companies' press releases); perhaps that could be added along with mention of the BAFTA nomination for TPTK, and the FIPA Best Actor Award for The Hanging Gale, the last not being at all well known, although I see that someone has now added it to the info on IMDb.

Michael Kitchen's theatre work was limited, but the theatre info could be added to; not in the way it's been done on IMDb, however - the paragraphs on there that refer to various seasons at the NT 1974-1981 make it look as though Mr K was in every blinkin' production! (And why is the info on IMDb not in date order?)

Something missing on the Wikip page is info on radio work; some indication of that could be added.

I also query the "years active" dates (top right on Wikip page). Our Boy was active in theatre before 1971 and I think his first TV appearance is likely to have been a BBC play he did in 1970.
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