Calling all Librarians

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Calling all Librarians

Postby Samfan » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:58 pm

(hope its OK if I post this here).
I get the feeling from reading the previous board and this board that there may be some librarians here. Well, I need some advice.

I just got my Master of library and information science degree this past May, and I'm starting to looking for jobs (making a resume, looking for open positions). I'm interested in working in a college or university library, preferably with metadata and cataloging, but I'm also interested in reference (but, I think at many places, library employees take turns at the reference desk). I could also probably teach library skills (i.e.teaching first-year students on how to do some research, use library resources), although I have no experience doing that. Working in a private corporation with a library also appeals to me (or a museum).

I'm also changing careers with this library degree. I've been a school psychologist for the past 14 years (evaluating students aged 2-18 years to see if they qualify for special education services in the schools). My library experience consists of volunteering once a week at my public library children's department, shelving books and assisting patrons in checking out items and finding materials. I did not do any kind of a fieldwork or internship as part of my library degree program (probably should have but too late now).

So, that's a bit of my background. My questions for you good people are:

-What was your library job seeking like?
-What were the interviews like (particularly in an academic setting)? What went well? What would you have done differently? Do academic librarian interviews really last all day? (guess it depends on the place).
-Were any of you in the same position I am? Changing careers?

I know I can find lots of advice on the web, and I'm doing that, but I also just wanted to hear from people I know (kind of :D ).

So thanks for any advice you could give me (if you don't want to take up space here and PM me, that'd be great, too).

Samfan :wave:
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