Hamish Macbeth books.

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Hamish Macbeth books.

Postby hazeleyes57 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:49 pm

A friend gave me a couple of the Hamish Macbeth books to read before she passed them on and I enjoyed reading them so much that I worked my way through all 31 of them in about three weeks. They are by the same author that wrote (and is still writing) Agatha Raisin.

If you disliked the TV series based on the Hamish books, be reassured that the books are almost completely different, so much so that the author almost didn't let the Agatha Raisin book get made into a series based on the poor translation to screen of the Macbeth books.

M.C. Beaton said (of the TV Hamish Macbeth, as portrayed by Robert Carlyle) 'I made him a 6' 5" softly spoken Highlander and they gave me a 5' 8" Glaswegian with a chip on his shoulder'.

The books are fun, and the many characters bring the small village of Lochdubh (pronounced Lock-doo) to life.

I certainly recommend the books and I'm looking forward to the next, due out in Feb 2017.
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