The Martian

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The Martian

Postby jewell » Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:26 pm

I just finished the novel The Martian by Andy Weir. It is super good. It was last year's favorite science fiction novel on Goodreads, which is how I found it.

It is not what you might think after looking at the title, there are not martian creatures, no fantasy stuff, indeed it is "science fiction" at it's purest.

It is believable and contemporary - the only not true part of the setup is that it plays out on the third mission to Mars. The crew of six has to evacuate Mars suddenly due to a violent sandstorm and as they evacuate one of the crew is struck by a piece of debris and dies. They can't find the body and must leave or the five remaining will die.

Only problem, Mark Watney isn't dead. He is the sole inhabitant of Mars and he's trying to survive.

It's really terrific - one of those books that makes you wonder what the character is doing days after you've finished it.

There is bad language but no more than any of us might use is we were stranded on Mars.

If you like sci-fi at all you should give this a try. Especially thinking of you, Starlight.

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