Anne (or Annes :) of Green Gables

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Anne (or Annes :) of Green Gables

Postby Sunshine » Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:54 pm

I've had a chance to watch the first two parts of the Anne of Green Gables series recently shown on PBS - the one in which Martin Sheen (my favorite president :D ) plays Matthew and Ella Ballentine plays Anne. I'm enjoying it.

Curiously, I've missed previous TV incarnations (I hear good things about the 1985 version with Megan Follows; I think PBS showed that one, too.). I know Netflix came out with a version that's had mixed reviews.

Thoughts about any of the Annes?

Just looked over the chapter on "Horse Racing and Illegal Rambling."

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Re: Anne (or Annes :) of Green Gables

Postby Wolesley » Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:06 am

CBC in Canada has a new series called Anne With an E, starring a remarkable young Irish actress named Amybeth McNulty. Her Canadian accent and 19th century mannerisms are remarkably perfect, IMHO. Marilla is stoically played by Geraldine James, and Matthew is wonderfully played by R.H. Thomson. This series is a little darker, in that there are scenes in which Anne recalls to herself some abusive treatment from her earlier life.
(I was surprised that there was no credit given to Canadian author Budge Wilson, who was commissioned to write a prequel for the 100th anniversary of Anne in 2008, and which explored this difficult early childhood. The book was titled, Before Green Gables, and it feels like the creators of the new series took, at least, inspiration from it.)
However the new series is excellent, now in season 2.

I have a great fondness for the Megan Follows series, but I think this new Anne feels even more authentic, if perhaps a bit 'gritty' in its portrayal of child cruelty. The theme song they chose is by Canadian band The Tragically Hip, so you know the producers were aiming for something edgy. :wink:

I believe Netflix has picked up the series!

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