Alan Howard (Stephen Beck - War Games)

Alan Howard (Stephen Beck - War Games)

Postby starlight » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:23 am

:sad: Died February 14th this year at the insufficient age of 77. His turn as Beck was a definite high point - and he speaks well both of the role, and of his experience of playing with MK.

Press Pack Interview, 2003
Award-winning actor Alan Howard relished playing a barrister with a complicated past in Foyle's War.

"I enjoyed playing Stephen Beck very much and I hope what I think about him is conveyed in the performance. Beck is a highly intelligent man, he's thoughtful and clever but wears it very lightly."

Beck is a brilliant barrister who moved to England from Germany. Now naturalised, he shows little trace of his origins. But beneath the surface it is a different story.

"He's been badly damaged and that encourages a kind of steel as a protection. He is still very idealistic. He is hugely courageous and is so self-effacing. He understands that to be of any use under the current circumstances he needs to make a personal sacrifice."

Foyle (Michael Kitchen) and Beck are old friends.

"They are peas in a pod and share similar sensibilities. They are also both widowers," says Alan. "I hadn't worked with Michael before but it was a good experience.

"I also liked Beck's relationship with Hilda Pierce, played by Ellie Haddington. There's something between them in the past, but their relationship now is strange and slightly dangerous. They hugely respect each other, but Hilda is also aware that if Beck doesn't want to do something, he won't."

Obituary here:
One of the leading heroic actors of his generation, whose clarion voice would reverberate to the RSC’s rafters.
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Re: Alan Howard (Stephen Beck - War Games)

Postby Sunshine » Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:32 am

Excellent actor.

I've always thought Series 2 was the best series of FW - all 4 episodes, including "War Games." And of course, with the introduction of Hilda Pierce, that episode would have repercussions resonating throughout the series.
Just looked over the chapter on "Horse Racing and Illegal Rambling."

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