AHwz speaks about working with MK

AHwz speaks about working with MK

Postby Lynnedean » Mon Jan 05, 2015 4:43 pm

We know this, but it's nice to have Mr Hwz say a little more about it ...

    From the Daily Mail, January 2015 ...
    In the opening episode Foyle visits a concentration camp while investigating a murder and witnesses the horror first-hand. The moment is particularly moving. ‘I deliberately didn’t give Michael Kitchen many lines because I knew he’d be able to say more than I could ever write with his extraordinarily expressive eyes and face,’ says Anthony.

    He clearly gets on well with his star – even if sometimes he might not welcome all he has to say. ‘Michael doesn’t just perform lines – he argues with me, fights with me, makes my life difficult, but always to make it better. He’s never asked for anything that hasn’t improved the script. He’ll look at five lines and say, “Anthony, I don’t need to say any of those lines. I can just do it with a look...” And it’s so irritating that he’s right.’

    Daily Mail January 2015: How writer and star work together on FW scripts
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