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Russian House Question

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:47 am
by Samfan
In the Russian House, as Sam and Adam are walking to the restaurant to eat, Adam tells Sam what happened to his aunt (and how he got the guest house). What happens in this scene always sort of puzzles me.

Here it is. They are walking, and just came out of a covered walkway (it begins about 1:07:15 on the Acorn U.S. edition DVD):

Sam: "So how did you come to own a guest house?" (looks at Adam)
Adam: "It was my aunt's, but she died." (Sam is looking into the distance at something as Adam talks and looks at her)
-The camera cuts to a bombed building-
Sam: "Blitzed" (is this a question or a statement?)
Adam: "No, no it was a boating accident [is Sam looking puzzled here?] I was always her favorite, so she left it to me in her will..."

So, my question is, when Sam said "Blitzed", was she asking about the aunt, or was she just referring to the building? I think she's referring to the aunt, but she just looks puzzled when Adam answers that his aunt died in a boating accident. This scene always sort of bugs me.

I know this is an odd question, but whenever I see this scene, I always think Sam is referring to the bombed building in front of them. Or maybe she thought to ask that about the aunt being blitzed because she saw the bombed building.

I hope I'm not too crazy.... :shock: :eyeroll:


Re: Russian House Question

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:33 am
by Sunshine
I think she thought his aunt had died in a bombing, hence the "blitzed" reference.

I always thought Adam's reference to his aunt dying in a boating accident might be something picked up for a mystery of some sort. (And boating where, I wonder, and during wartime? Lots more questions here that AH hasn't answered....)

Re: Russian House Question

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:26 am
by Lynnedean
Anthony Horowitz has quite a sense of humour and he does slip chuckles into FW now and again, e.g. illegal rambling. I think this is another example of it ...

Sam and Adam are talking at cross-purposes. As they emerge from the archway, Sam asks, “So, how did you come to own a guest house?” As Adam replies “It was my aunt’s, but she died,” Sam's attention is caught by the wrecked building. She asks, “Blitzed?” Adam, who is used to seeing such things in London, isn't thinking about it, and simply assumes that she's responding to his comment about his aunt having died, so he replies "No,no, it was a boating accident." For a second or two, Sam looks puzzled as she tries to understand how a boating accident could wreck a building, then the penny drops as Adam goes on to say, "I was always her favourite, so she left it to me in her will."

I reckon Mr Hwz means us to smile here, folks. :D

~ Lynne