Bad Blood-Elsie Jenkins Question

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Bad Blood-Elsie Jenkins Question

Postby Samfan » Sun Jun 15, 2014 5:05 pm

Just watched Bad Blood again this past week. Every time I watch it, I think about this:

-Elsie Jenkins' father is the farmer, Brian Jones
-Elsie told Foyle (and later, Edie) that her son, Danny, was with her mother
-When Elsie is in hospital, Mr. Jones visits her

So, I wonder:
-Didn't Elsie's mother visit her in hospital?
-Why don't we see Mrs. Jones at the farm (probably because we didn't need to for the plot)
-Are Mr. and Mrs. Jones divorced?

I know, I know, it make no difference to the plot! Just one those odd things I always wonder about :eyeroll:

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