Updating the Forum

Updating the Forum

Postby Wolesley » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:42 pm

...is beyond my technical expertise. Having read through guides, instructions and warnings, I find that this version of the phpBB platform is so far out of date that more is required than the "simple" Automatic Update (which is not really automatic, is it? or it would've done it itself, wouldn't it).
It would be necessary to work with .patch files, and the warning is not to do that unless "you are familiar and confident with patching," which I'm not.

The particular glitch that has been brought to my attention is that the page for new registrations is not displaying correctly, so legitimate new members cannot register, which is a shame.

Plenty of spam registrations are getting through (almost entirely originating from Russia, judging by the fake usernames and email addresses), and I've recently deleted about 25,000 of them, dating back to 2013.

If any member out there is a capable computer techie and would like to offer to help, send me a PM.

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