What River did Foyle Fish?

What River did Foyle Fish?

Postby Samfan » Wed May 30, 2018 12:13 am

I was driving someplace today and I drove over our local river. I then started wondering what the river was called that Foyle fished. I don't think its given a name in the series. So, when I got home, I started to do a bit of research.

He might have fished the River Rother, which is in East Sussex, but it does not seem to flow near Hastings (it seems closer to Rye, about 12 miles from Hastings; but, doesn't the picture of the River Rother on the Wikipedia page sort of look where FW scenes were filmed with Foyle and Reid and Foyle and Keifer?)

Foyle could also have fished Hollington Stream, which appears to flow very near Hastings (more near to St. Leonards-on-Sea; about 1 mile from Hastings).

He could have also fished the Fish Ponds at Summerfields Woods
http://richardpollard.co.uk/hastings-in-old-pictures-16/ (scroll down to the picture of "Fish Ponds, Summerfields Woods, 1905")

Alexandra Park also has a pond and Reservoir for fishing https://www.hastings.gov.uk/parks_gardens_allotments/parks/alexandrapark/about/. Of course, this information is from today. I'm not sure how it would be during the 1940's.

He may have fished the Powdermill Reservoir, which has been leased to the Hastings Fly Fishers Club since 1932 (perhaps Foyle was a member). This is located in Sedlescombe, on the borders of East Sussex and Kent (about 6 miles from Hastings).

Perhaps Hollington Stream or the Fish Ponds (and maybe Alexandra Park) would have been his best bets. Perhaps Anthony Horowitz meant "The River" just as some fictional river near Hastings.

(I looked on Google Maps and Earth for some of my information, as well as Googling about Hastings, East Sussex, and rivers and streams near them. I may be totally off. But now I want to go to East Sussex, England, and fish).
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Re: What River did Foyle Fish?

Postby kitchentease » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:40 pm

Oh the (lovely) places one might visit, Samfan. Thank you for sharing your explorations.
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